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Noel's Distributing


Noel's Distributing is a company that provides top level products to our customers from our locations in Florida.  

Eelsnot Marine Coatings, LLC.


Eelsnot is a hydrophobic compound that easily rubs on the hull of a boat, or bottom of a board that...  

Woody Wax

Woody Wax not only works on all the metals: T-tops, towers, outriggers, railings, etc., but also restores, treats, and protects...  

KMC Marine Center


KMC Marine Center offers quality new and used boats sales and service. We have been supporting our local boaters since...  

Merritt Supply

Merritt Supply wants to be your one stop shop for all things marine, aviation and/or industrial. Instead of going from...  

Poli Glow Products , Inc

Poli Glow is an industry leader in both Marine and RV providing the highest quality products when it comes to...  


Currently there are formulations for coatings for boat bottoms, concrete, aluminum and steel at this time.  


Hydrex offers turnkey underwater repair and maintenance solutions to shipowners wherever and whenever they are needed. Our large and multidisciplinary...  



CleanTools provides multipurpose cleaning tools for marine vessels. Their re-usable design makes them a great asset for any boater who...  

Sarasota Custom Boatworks

Sarasota Custom Boatworks also offers detailing, marine carpentry, wood refinishing and full restorations. Additional details are coming soon.