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“Boating is a big part my family's life and we just love it. It's a lot of work though and we always need something! It's nice to find SkippersReview.com and be able to see what other boaters say about the businesses before we try them.” Frank P. – West Palm Beach
“I love the reviews! I was looking for a good mechanic and had trouble finding them and then stumbled on Skippers. I read the reviews and I couldn't be happier with my choice. What a great way to find resources..” Louis A. – Miami
“Skipper’s Review is great. It is my go-to place for up-to-date and honest feedback on boating vendors.” Susan C. – Fort Lauderdale
“I've been boating all my life and have a good network of people to help maintain my boat. I love supporting them on Skippers with reviews as well as finding all kinds of new businesses and services. Great site!” Mark T. – Boca Raton

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