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How Skipper’s got Started

My name is Sarah O’Kelly and I’ve loved the ocean ever since my dad took me vacationing by the shorelines of Wicklow and Wexford in Ireland. I’ve since been drawn to the ocean, an unexplainable connection, a magnetic attraction. I have lived in Florida for 20+ years, so being close to the ocean has always made me feel a little closer to home. Over the years I have enjoyed boating with my family, be it moseying up and down the intercostal, or going through the channel into the amazing openness of the ocean.

A few years ago, my son, who was 12 years old at the time, had been into fishing for a while. After taking the initiative to get his boater’s license, I felt he was ready for that next step: the responsibility of owning a boat. He promised me he would take care of it and not be wild and crazy like me. I figured that was a sound argument so we started the hunt for a small, used, fishing boat and after many hours of searching we found one.

But unfortunately without much boating experience and no mechanic friends, I was open bait. I handed over the cash for a not-so-shiny boat and got it home only to find the engine needed work, the bottom needed painting, and various other parts were not in great working order. I was at a loss. How do I put this puzzle together without it costing me a fortune and getting ripped off? I met some very cool, nice, helpful people along the way but it took a while; all summer to be exact. A little disenchanting for a twelve-year-old to have a boat that he can only sit in on the driveway and play “maybe someday”. We finally got it done, but it made me realize that there has to be a better way to find quality and trustworthy resources in the boating community.

So, a year or so later, ahoy matey…. Skipper’s Review! Skipper’s Review is here to give you the most informative, best value, honest, reliable sources for all of your boating needs and water activities. Here’s to no more disenchanted twelve-year-olds (ha, a person can dream)!!

Please feel free to reach out to me at sarah@skippersreview.com, I’d love to get your feedback, comments, and suggestions to help us as we continue to build SkippersReview.com.

Happy and safe boating,

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