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SkippersReview.com's Review Ethics

We're boaters and we created this service to provide a valuable resource for the boating community. It's critical for us to gain and maintain trust with our audience. that's why reviews posted on SkippersReview.com come from 100% honest, user reviews. Businesses reviewed cannot alter reviews, only respond. This will never change. SkippersReview.com is a trusted resource built for the community.

What does it cost to join SkippersReview.com?

Right now joining is free! As a new resource, we would really appreciate, that after using SkippersReview.com, you give us feedback. Our goal is to provide the best service possible. We will continue developing features, adding more businesses and expanding our locations. At some point we'll charge a nominal monthly or yearly membership fee, but for now it's free for all boating enthusiasts.

What are my membership options?

Membership, like everything else at SkippersReview.com, is super easy. We'll never make it complicated. There are two types of memberships;

  • General Membership: For boating enthusiasts to search and post reviews
  • Business Membership: For Boating Businesses to manage their business profile and communicate with their followers.

How does SkippersReview.com make money?

As we continue to build out the features of the site, add more businesses and expand locations, membership to SkippersReview.com is free. In the future we will charge a nominal membership fee.

Is Skipper’sReview.com in my area?

We're starting in our hometown area of Southern Florida, from West Palm down to Miami. We’ll expand to all of Florida then the East Coast and ultimately be a resource for boating enthusiasts across the country! Hey, maybe the world!

Can I write a review about a provider without joining SkippersReview.com?

Joining is required to post reviews. This allows us to maintain the integrity of the reviews and offer the business a chance to respond. We will require that you confirm your name, address, phone number and email address when submitting a review. None of this information is posted along with the review, it's simply needed for validation of reviews.

Which providers and services are reviewed on SkippersReview.com?

Everything boating! We want you to find what you need and enjoy your boating lifestyle to the fullest.

Having issues signing in?

If you’re having issues signing in, please use our Forgot Password function to retrieve your password. Make sure you are in the correct area of the website. If you’d logging in to your business account, login from your business page. If you’re logging in to your consumer account login from the consumer sign in page. If you have questions about signing in please submit a Support Ticket

How do I cancel my membership?

No problem, we make it easy. Log in to your account. Click on your name in the header. At the bottom of the Account Page, click on the Cancel my Membership. If you have questions about canceling your membership please submit a Support Ticket.

We want your feedback!

We would love to hear from you! What do you like about the site? What would you like to see improved. Please reach out through our Support Page to submit your feedback.