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7521 Richmond Rd.
Williamsburg, VA 23188

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Eelsnot is a hydrophobic compound that easily rubs on the hull of a boat, or bottom of a board that keeps marine growth from adhering to it. Eelsnot rejects water so efficiently that it naturally increases the speed of any vehicle in water just by having less drag. Less drag and less growth truly means less fuel consumption, up to 25% less. Eelsnot can also be applied to any vehicle even underwater! Eelsnot is very inexpensive and environmentally friendly. There is NO better product in the world that does what eelsnot can do.

Products & Services Include
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    Boat Cleaners & Wax

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    You offer this for:

    • Yachts
    • Power Boats
    • Sailing
    Boat Supplies

    hydrophobic non stick coatings for boat hulls.

    You offer this for:

    • Yachts
    • Power Boats
    • Sailing
  • Services
    Hull Cleaning

    Application of eelsnot a preventative maintenance coating.

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