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1819 Bay Ridge Avenue, Suite 400
Annaplis, MD 21403

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Coastal Properties Management currently oversees 12 marinas throughout the Chesapeake Bay and provides consulting services in marina design, construction, and management. Together the marinas which include approximately 2,500 slips make Coastal Properties one of the largest marina management groups in the United States. Owner Mitch Nathanson has a history with marinas that dates back to the 1970s, when he gave up a career as a Washington, D.C.-based architect to buy and renovate White Rocks Marina in Pasadena, Maryland. Five years later he sold the refurbished facility for twice his original purchase price, and thus began his successful career as a leading manager, consultant, and redeveloper of marinas. Mitch recognizes that each of his marinas is unique and has its own distinctive personality. As a result, he empowers each marina manager to make his or her own decisions on a day-to-day level. The marina managers then work with the home office on such things as accounting, insurance, marketing, and advertising to get the top-level support they need. Since 1977, Coastal has owned and/or operated 55 marinas as well as hotels, restaurants, and office buildings. Mitch is committed to creating facilities and using best-management practices that will help improve the marine industry and preserve the environment. Consequently, Coastal requires all of their marinas to apply for and achieve the "Clean Marina" designation. Mitch and his entire corporate team are very actively involved in the boating community, professionally and personally, which he says is key to understanding and meeting boaters' needs. "The bottom line is that, whether you're running a hotel, marina or restaurant, you're in the service business," he says. "This is ultimately what drives our management practices."

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