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P.O. Box 6514
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

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Florida Boat Captain is a Boat Captain service company that provides top level Boat Captains to our customers from our locations through·out Florida and the Bahamas
*Delivery's available up and down the east coat of the United States as well as, the Gulf of Mexico.

Products & Services Include
  • Entertainment
    Boat Captain

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    Yacht Charter

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    • Yachts
    • Power Boats
  • Services
    Captain Transport

    Let our Captains Deliver you boat to you anywhere in Florida and Bahamas

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    • Yachts
    • Power Boats
    • Sailing
    Tow Boat

    Pick up broken, abandoned, boats, in and out of the water and haul to the local landfill.

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    • Yachts
    • Power Boats
    • Sailing
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