Mag Bay Yachts – Part 1 of 3
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Mag Bay Yachts – Part 1 of 3

Barrett Howarth, along with his dad, created and owns Mag Bay Yachts. A unique center console boat. Part 1; How did Mag Bay get started?

MagBay Yachts,  how did magBay Yachts get started.  Part 1 of 3

Palm Beach Boat Show 2019

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Hey Sarah O’ Kelly here which Skipper’s Review TV at the Palm Beach International Boat Show 2019 and I am with Barrett Howarth of Mag Bay Yachts. They are they’re pretty,  they’re beautiful boats.

MAG BAY YACHTS: Thank you.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: You’re welcome. Tell me how did you get going designing your own boats and getting your own line out there?

MAG BAY YACHTS: Well my whole family are boat builders. My mom was a boat builder, my dad was a boat builder. He’s most known for starting Cabo Yachts back in 1990s. I grew up in a boat factory and essentially everything I’ve ever done as a kid had some association with boats. We sold Cabo in 2006.  I had the bug to continue building boats.  I talked with my dad and said hey let’s do this. A couple years later and 27 boats delivered.  It’s just a passion of his a passion of mine and we just absolutely love doing it.

Family run business

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: So you and your dad that are involved with this particular line?

MAG BAY YACHTS: My dad and I correct.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: That’s awesome. What have you done differently with this boat that makes it stand out from other center consoles?

MAG BAY  YACHTS: We’ve really tried to be unique.  One of the biggest design parameters was to take our boat and put it a thousand feet away from our competition. We have a lot of curves, a lot of angles, a lot of shape which just sets us apart. Our boat excels in places you don’t look. Look underneath the gunnels, look at all the hinges, all the screws are straight. Just the caliber of hardware and the caliber of build, sets itself apart. 

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: You’re obviously very passionate about this boat.

Let’s go on board and maybe you can show me some of the stuff that you feel stands out above your competition?

What is the most distinguishing feature on a Mag Bay boat?

MAG BAY YACHTS: No problem. Probably our most distinguished feature on our boat is our transom.  The shape of the transom is definitely unique.  The deck joint is essentially invisible but it’s all incapsulated so the boat is very strong.  It’s very sleek and it’s definitely unique. It’s not an easy part at all to build but it definitely sets us apart from the competition.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Why did you decide to go in this direction,  making it more curvy, more slick and maybe I’d say,  even a little bit more sexy than usual? 

MAG BAY YACHTS:  Our naval architect knew that we had a history of building boats and he was willing to give us sort of a harder project. He knew we could pull it off. It’s a complicated part to build and it definitely took a lot of innovative tooling to figure out but the end result is very, very pretty.  This boat is extremely unique,  it’s not  gonna be easily replicated.  It’s something that we have, we own that makes us really stand out.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Let’s go on board and it have a look.


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