Bow Thruster Install by EC Ruff Marine
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Bow Thruster Install by EC Ruff Marine

What does it take to get a bow thruster installed? Skipper’s Review went on location with EC Ruff Marine to see what it takes to install a bow thruster on a custom boat.

Custom Fit Bow Thruster with Ec Ruff Marine

Having troubles docking, maybe you need a bow thruster. 

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Hey Sarah O’ Kelly here with Skipper’s Review TV on location at Complete Marine in Pompano Beach, Florida. I am with Ed Ruff from EC Ruff Marine and we are once again working on a bow thruster installation. The previous install was a 28 foot Viking.  The owner was told there’s not really any way to put a bow thruster in but EC Ruff Marine figured out a way.  This time we are once again installing a bow thruster. Tell us a little bit more about this job.

EC RUFF MARINE: It’s a custom skiff, an up north boat.  With the currents and the winds here in Pompano Beach, where the owner keeps the boat, It’s hard for him to dock it. We were able to look at the boat in the water at his house for a new bow thruster installation. It’s a side power bow thruster, an SE 60, 12 volt.  This boat is operated on a 12 volt therefore the bow thruster is going to be operated on this also.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Is there any difficulties with this boat?

EC RUFF MARINE: A false floor and there was a compartment that we had to reopen the top in order to gain access to the front of the holding tank.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: How old is this boat?  What was the deciding factor on the owner getting this installed?

You may save on paint work…

EC RUFF MARINE: The boat spends some time here in Complete Marine, getting paint job repairs as a result of not being able to maneuver the boat around when he’s out for the weekend with his family.   Also trying to park at the back of his house, became difficult.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: What does it take to actually get the bow thruster installed in this boat.  How many hours work is this gonna take to get done.

EC RUFF MARINE: This is about a 40-hour job.  I’m am suited up to do a hand glass layup of six layers ounce and 1/2 mat on the outside and then do a continuation of that on the inside.

How is fiberglass used to for the bow thruster installation?

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: What do you mean by a glass layup? Explain a little bit more to me about that.

EC RUFF MARINE: We use small pieces of 1.1/2oz mat.  We sandwich together six layers of mat and resin.   Roll the layers out to bond on the outside of the boat and on the inside of the boat therefore the boat will be fully dried in by fiber glass and the onset of half material resin.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Sarah O’ KellySkipper’s Review TV on location with EC Ruff Marine, thanks for watching and this time it was a bow thruster install on a custom boat.

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