Marketing In The Marine Industry – BoatersExchange

Marketing In The Marine Industry – BoatersExchange

Boaters Exchange
Second in a series of interviews about marketing in the marine industry. I spoke with Kara Karasch from Boaters Exchange a boat dealer in central Florida, at the Orlando Boat Show 2018. Kara tells us what marketing approach works best for their company.

Orlando Boat Show 2018 with Boaters Exchange

Skipper’s Review: Hi Sarah O’ Kelly here from Skipper’s Review T.V and I am at the Orlando Boat show 2018. I am with Kara Karasch from Boaters Exchange. With advertising and marketing these days Kara,what do you find is working best for you, as far as marketing? Is It Person-To-Person, like boat shows, internet, social media?

Boaters Exchange talk about what areas of marketing works for them

Boaters Exchange: We have found recently that we have directed a lot of our marketing towards digital as a result social media networking has just blown up and started to snow ball, that’s been a great success for us. We also do a lot of shows with a lot of static displays. We’re doing tab on’s not ads in the newspaper, consequently that’s bringing customers in for prizes or gifts. We’re also doing a lot of giveaways which is really ramped up our following on social media. So I think that right now everything’s about promoting on social media.

Kara on the subject of review websites and dealing with negative reviews
Skipper’s Review: And as far as review sites, like my site, Skipper’s Review is a review site. How do you feel about platforms that give your customers the ability to leave a review?

Boaters Exchange: Luckily we have a lot of great reviews. So I think it helps other people who may have an interest in our business or our product. They go to the review sites see plenty of good reviews from people that have interacted with us. So I think it’s a very positive thing and I really enjoy it.

Skipper’s Review: How do you deal with a negative review?

Boaters Exchange: if there is a negative review posted we usually try to respond with the actual situation that happened, we don’t shy away from it. We tackle the review head-on and we usually have a great explanation. Sometimes customers don’t realize what it is that actually happened, maybe they did something or we did something and then usually we try to reach out to that customer to resolve it right away. A lot of times they’ll go back in and change their review once we’ve met with them and fixed the problem. We have had conflicts and we have had to resolve those conflicts. We do encourage other people to watch that process because I think they give them a comfort level and they understand that we do care about our customers and we are able to resolve a situation and make them happy.

Skipper’s Review: Okay, so to wrap it up you found social media, giveaways, reviews, what else did we say, newspapers.

Boaters Exchange: Newspapers, we’ve done a little bit of radio advertising. We haven’t directed anything to roadside advertising yet. We are really developing our marketing in the digital area. Come year end we’ll review and look at the return on investments and see what we get.

Skipper’s Review: yeah. All right, awesome, Kara thank you so much.

Boaters Exchange: Nice to meet you

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