Mag Bay Yachts – Part 3
The Helm

Mag Bay Yachts – Part 3

Our final part in a 3 part series about Mag Bay Yachts, covers the upper deck console area along with the bow seating and anchor set-up.

Mag Bay Yachts. The Console and anchor area tour


SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Okay so now we came out from the toilet and we’re back up on deck.

MAG BAY YACHTS: This is actually painted fiberglass. We have an artist that comes out. She’s extremely talented and she paints this to look exactly like wood. What’s nice about this is you have no maintenance on it. It’s just the same as fiberglass so if you’re in a hot climate you don’t have to worry about wood swelling. Our console is a very unique design. This actually took 14 molds to build this console. A lot of touch-up work involved but you get a lot of angle,  a lot of shape.  Nothing is overly cluttered, overly complicated. You have your switches in front of you. Everything you’d use while you’re out fishing for the day, is right there.   This particular boat has a joystick. There’s also a console cubby. A little console storage box that has USBs just a little area to throw whatever you’d like. We’ve tried to keep it very, very simple, uncomplicated, uncluttered keep it easy.

How many engines can a Mag Bay hold?

How many engines has this boat got? Two motors, twin outboard. We can only put two, we can’t do triples. We offer Yamaha and Mercury. Most of the boats lately have been mercury powered boats.We are a bit of a heavier boat but the boat holds its own. Cruise speed is usually in the low to mid 30s. Top speed is depending on motors, you can go from mid 50s up to mid 60’s. The boat runs really, really well.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: What motors are these?

MAG BAY YACHTS: These motors here are Yamaha 350s.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Beautiful. Let’s take a walk up to the bow.

What’s different about the Mag Bay Bow seating area?

MAG BAY YACHTS: Up here, this is our sun pad console. Its A large lounger and inside this particular boat has a bow table in it. This is just a nice big storage box. We use oversized gaskets, oversized hardware a lot of little things. Like we build all this hardware in house. Everything is stainless steel It’s the little things.  If You look at the tooling, everything’s finished fiberglass. Everything has a place. It’s not thrown together. Up forward here you have just two storage boxes of large forward fish box that’s about eight feet long and everything’s insulated. We have a nice simple bow seating arrangement instead of having actuators up here for a backrest it’s a simple stainless,  yet very comfortable. Up forward we have our anchor Locker. We can do it two ways, with just a standard fortress anchor that you throw overboard.  This boat has a windlass that goes through the stem.  Every hatch is gasketed. All of our hinges are actually molded in so there’s no backing plates needed. 

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Do you mind me asking, how old are you?

MAG BAY YACHTS: Thirty. I feel like I’m fifty but I’m only thirty.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Have you been around boats your whole life? 

MAG BAY YACHTS: My crib was a boat. Yeah, I’ve been surrounded by boats.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Your crib was a boat?

MAG BAY YACHTS: My crib was a boat and the guy who built my crib actually works for us now. We’re a big family and we’re having a fun time with it.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: It seems like it. All right,  thank you so much.


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