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Satellite Services/Atlantic Radio Telephone

Atlantic Radio Telephone suggests you keep a close eye out for new faster and better marine satellite communication services, to come. But apparently it’s a secret!

Atlantic Radio Telephone at the Miami Yacht Show 2019

The quiet version of what Atlantic Radio Telephone had to say.

Skipper’s Review:  Hey Sarah O’ Kelly here with Skipper’s Review TV, we are at the Miami Yacht Show 2019.  I am with Sam Crowther of Atlantic Radio Telephone and Sam has a little bit of updating news about your connecting services. So what’s going on Sam what’s coming up?

What is new in the satellite world for boats?

Sam Crowther: Well here at the Miami Yacht Show we’re showing our VSAT solutions,  which is what boats would use when they go out to sea to be able to get high-speed internet and voice solutions.  They recently launched some really exciting changes in the satellite industry. New satellites that are more powerful, help us get better service when we’re off the grid and some great new equipment that enables customers to do more with their connection. This is a great time to take another look at VSAT and high-speed internet for boats. I think if you do you’ll be surprised with a lot of the changes and things that have come up. You know we’ve been talking about it all week here at the Miami Yacht Show and a lot of people are excited.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW:  You say it’s coming up, when is it coming up?

SAM CROWTHER: Some of the stuff we sell is already ready and available now and there’s some real exciting stuff that we will be announcing along with KDH probably at the West Palm Beach Boat Show next month.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Okay so I’ll come back to the West Palm Beach Boat Show and get more details right?

SAM CROWTHER: We will see you there.

Sike!! Hey,  he got me too…

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Will that be like pricing, availability what kind of information will I get at the Palm Beach Boat Show?

SAM CROWTHER: Well I can’t talk about specifics at this point but I think you’ll be surprised to see some of the changes that we’re gonna be announcing.

 SKIPPER’S REVIEW: All right fine…This is Sarah O’Kelly at the Miami Yacht Show 2019 with Sam Crowder of Atlantic Radio Telephone

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