Fishing Chaos, at the 2018 icast expo in Orlando
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Fishing Chaos, at the 2018 icast expo in Orlando

NOT an endorsement or commercial, just thought you guys would like to hear about it.

John Calagaz founder of FishingChaos on Skipper’s Review talks to Skipper’s Review at icast 2018

We started all this as a tournament management module, we have managed up to 4,000 anglers in tournaments and at one point we weighed one fish every 17 secs.

We take care of the online ticket sales, credit card transactions, weigh in stations.

The basis of FishingChaos is a community. Once you set up a tournament, it is as simple as one click to access that information again for any future tournaments. A fishing tournament is great promotion for the business sponsoring the tournament also that company now has stored information of their demographic not only for tournaments at a later date but also any email updates they want to share with their customers

Tournament organizers can set up their own ticket prices while allowing FishingChaos to deduct any credit card fees needed to process ticket sales.  Fishing Chaos also gets a percentage of the ticket price on a sliding scale. When ticket number sales increase the FishingChaos fee will decrease.

FishingChaos, right now, is a software (website) tournament, management platform but will soon launch an app and hardware to go with it.
The hardware (small box) goes on your boat with sensors so if anything happens to your boat you will get notified via the FishingChaos app.

FishingChaos features

•  Communicate with boaters who have FishingChaos box installed on their boat.  Boaters can send weather reports, text messages etc without satellite.
• If maintenance is needed, oil, battery etc, sensors send alert to app.
• Alert on your phone if your boat moves, boat lift goes up or down.
• Connect mics to boat in order to tell app what kind of fish you just caught, record and upload to the FishingChaos app.

  • Connecting a path of boats back to shore gives the equivalent of  floating weather buoys.
  • Present moment weather conditions, fishing conditions.

App is not out quite ready yet but you can go to . for tournament sign ups

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