Skipper's Review interviews Soundown at the FLIBS2018

Soundown – FLIBS 2018 – Part 2

Too Much Vibration On Your Boat?

Second in a 2 part interview with Sam Smullin from Soundown. So much to say about airborne noise and structure based noise, I had to break it down into two interviews.

SOUNDOWN: So our carpet alignment combines a nice plush padding with an acoustic mass layer and by having that padding underneath the mass layer you actually can increase the performance of that acoustic material as well as providing a very nice underfoot feel, so this would replace the standard just foam carpet padding that you’d find in most carpets or you may be able to add over the old material to increase the performance of what’s there

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: I have not seen any other businesses that cover insulation at the boat show, are you the main guy as far as boat manufacturers are concerned?

SOUNDOWN: We are certainly are one of the main guys and one of the important things about how we approach this when you come to us with a problem we don’t have to try and make your problem fit
our solution we have a solution for your problem and we have the range of product. If someone just sells mounts they’re gonna try and find a way to relate that to a vibration issue or a noise structure issue but if you have an airborne noise issue what you really need is insulation so we have the background and understanding to come up with what the best solution is for you and then we can also provide those products as well.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Do you run the gamut or are you more focused on the superyachts?

SOUNDOWN: So we run the gamut we do a lot of work with production builders where we’re selling direct to them for stuff they’re putting in at the new build stage and then we deal with all the way up to the large mega yachts that are all one-off customs where there is an acoustic consultant who is involved and they’ll come up with what the details are. Then we work with them to come up the right product mix to meet the noise level in that specification.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: What about performance does it affect the performance of the boat at all when
everything is kind of calmed down and insulated?

SOUNDOWN: Not particularly, I mean in some very specific boats they are concerned about weight so we will work with lighter weight materials.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Is it also less wear and tear on the engine does it help in that aspect?

SOUNDOWN: Certainly having a good mounting system is nice for the engines you don’t have any of that big vibration which can cause problems.

SKIPPER’S REVIEW: Okay Sam thank you so much.

SOUNDOWN: Thank you very much.

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